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Multi-talented French artist, Richard MERIC expresses here his insight about his work:

"Surrealism is using images in order to express hidden realities that words cannot reach. The objects, being divorced from their natural surrounding meet one another inside an undefined space context, a new visual dialogue appears which my own subconscious communicates with the observer's. Just like in our dreams, every picture has several meanings, is carrying various messages, and each message, each idea is expressed by various images.

Most of my artworks are built on a precise and rigorous geometrical construction, and tend to organise in an aesthetic harmony the multiplicity of surrounding chaos. Beyond the first image that comes to your sight lays often a second, if not a third reality, opening the observer's mind the door to interpretation, in the same meaning as Salvador Dali's 'Paranoia-critical' method.

We are here in the world of Duality, and who can tell what's inside and what's outside, day or night, up or down, real or not real?"